Sugar Snake Surrender

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Sugar Snake Surrender is a blend of state-of-the-art surfactants specially formulated to rapidly attack and break down deposits in beverage tower drain lines. It easily unblocks clogs associated with sugar-based beverages, espresso and coffee drains, shake machine drains, and beverage towers. Sugar waste build-up will slow down your lines and can create permanent damage if left untreated. Keep your drains open and flowing well with Sugar Snake Surrender the ultimate drain line cleaner.
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Directions for Use

Dilution Directions:

1. Loosen cap and squeeze bottle until top spout is filled with 1oz of Sugar Snake Surrender.

2. Pour 1oz of Sugar Snake Surrender into the line at the recommended dilution ratio below.

Start Up: Add 2-4oz per tower drain line per day for 3 days.

Maintenance: Add 3oz per tower drain line per week.

Blocked Lines: Add 4-8oz per twoer drain line per day until lines are free flowing.

Perfect For Eliminating sugar snakes, maintaining drain lines and eliminating odors.
Ecologo No
Green Seal No
EPA Safer Choice No
USDA Biobased No