Sanitizer Plus

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Sanitizer Plus is safe and reliable, making an excellent cost-effective disinfectant solution for hospitals, homes, medical and dental offices, restaurants, and playgrounds. It’s been carefully formulated to efficiently sanitize and disinfect from viruses, bacteria, and fungi, leaving a crisp, clean scent. Great for use on food processing equipment, utensils and other food contact articles.
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Directions for Use

Spray Bottle Cleaning:

1. Turn nozzle counter clockwise to preferred usage.

2. Simply spray the area with Sanitizer Plus (Please refer to the back of the label for dilutions and dwell times.)

3. Wipe with a clean rag or cloth.

3 Bay Sink:

1. Add 1/4 oz of Sanitizer Plus per 1 gallon of room temperature water to the Sanitize bay of the sink. 2. Fully submerge all items.

3. Let air dry.

Perfect For Hospitals, restrooms, all hard sealed surfaces, door knobs, handles, ralings, nursing homes, schools, foodservice, 3 bay sink, restaurants, offices, athletic facilities, stadiums and convention centers.
Ecologo No
Green Seal No
EPA Safer Choice No
USDA Biobased No
Active Ingredients Alkyl (60% C14, 30% C16, 5% C12, 5% C18) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides: 5.0% Alkyl (68% C12, 32% C14) dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chlorides: 5.0%