Gas Pump Cleaner & Degreaser



Wave goodbye to greasy and grime-covered gas pumps with Petrol Pete’s Gas Pump Cleaner & Degreaser. Pre-diluted and ready-to-use, this all-in-one solution will have your gas station looking newly renovated! Rapidly penetrate and swiftly remove all of the usual soils you find at a gas station – gasoline, diesel fuel, oil and, grease. Historically, cleaning the exterior of your gas station has likely been difficult and time-consuming – grab some Petrol Pete Gas Pump Cleaner & Degreaser to make your life easier.
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Directions for Use

Spray Bottle Cleaning:

1. Turn nozzle counter clockwise to preferred usage.

2. Simply spray the area with Petrol Petes Gas Pump Degreaser Cleaner and let sit for 30 seconds. (For heavy soils let sit for 1 minute).

3. Wipe with a clean rag or cloth.

Gas / Fuel Pumps:

1. Spray directly on the hose starting at the top connectd to the fuel pump surface, working on your way to the end of the pump handle.

2. Remove the pump handle, spray the entire handle and nozzle.

3. Agitate heavily soiled areas with deck brush.

4. Spray solution ont a clean rag or cloth and wipe down the face and sides of the gas pump surfaces.

Concrete Pump Bases:

1. Spray solution directly onto the soiled areas surrounding the gas pumps.

2. Let sit for 5-10 minutes or until dry.

3. Agitate heavily soiled area with brush. 4. Rinse off area with clean water. (Hose works best).

Perfect For Gas pumps, hoses, trash cans, garage doors, tools and heavy machinery / equipment.
Ecologo No
Green Seal No
EPA Safer Choice No
USDA Biobased No