How To

Mixology 101 – How does it work?


Loosen the cap to allow air to flow.


Squeeze the bottle gently and the product will flow into the chamber at the top. Keep squeezing until the recommended amount is reached, which can be measured on the side of the chamber.


Pour the concentrated solution from the chamber into a trigger spray bottle, which you have pre-filled with water.


Screw the trigger sprayer back on top of the spray bottle and shake gently to evenly mix the liquid. Now you are ready to spray!

Key Benifits

  • Save on freight costs, because less product is shipped at a time.
  • One bottle makes 32 trigger bottles, so the product lasts longer than typical retail store products.
  • Save space in your warehouse, workplace or home with our small quart size bottles.
  • Easy to follow instructions and labels make diluting a breeze and safe.
  • Our 1⁄2 - 1oz chamber on the bottles makes for a perfect dilution every time.
  • Quart bottles show the content amount on the side for easy inventory management.