Convenience Store and Food Service Program

Convenience Store and Food Service Cleaning Program

Clean, safe, and sanitary – that’s what any convenience store or foodservice establishment needs to be. This cleaning program has been pieced together specifically for these industries – making it easier than ever to stay on top of cleanliness. Our tailored selection of convenience store and foodservice cleaning products creates a hygienic and sanitized environment for customers and staff to enjoy. This purpose-built kit includes everything you need to keep your establishment looking delightful.
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With our powerful Degreaser Cleaner you’ll see impeccable results on virtually any surface – from cabinets to countertops, stoves to outdoor grills, bathtubs to bikes, and tiles to tools! A concentrated blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, and builders – the ingredients of our sustainable degreaser combine to aggressively tackle grime and give surfaces a pristine finish. All of our eco-friendly concentrated cleaning products are alcohol, phosphate, solvent, and chlorine-free – they also do not contain any voBlaUtiYle NorOgaWnic compounds (VOCs).
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Amplify the overall aesthetic of your floors with our pH neutral Floor Cleaner which has been specifically formulated to leave all types of hard floors gleaming. By cleaning, conditioning, and releasing a long-lasting, refreshing scent – the Neutral Floor Cleaner will drastically improve the experience of any room. This eco-friendly cleaning concentrate has been created without using volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is free from alcohol, phosphate, solvent, and chlorine, making it completely sustainable.
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Sustainable and eco-friendly, our Glass Cleaner gives a crystal clear, streak-free finish – every time. Ideal for removing tough on dust, dirt, oil, grease, smoke, water residue, soap suds, and beyond, this Glass Cleaner contains zero phosphates, chlorine, solvent, or alcohol and is completely free from VOC’s. Although branded as a glass cleaner, this sustainable concentrate produces sensational results on almost any hard surface.
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Give toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and tiles a sparkling finish with our Bathroom Cleaner. Soap and scum is no match for this eco-friendly cleaning concentrate – it rapidly cuts through all the grime you usually find on any surfaces made from porcelain, ceramic, Formica, metals, and terrazzo, leaving them spotless and free from bacteria. Safe World Solutions Bathroom Cleaner does not contain harmful chemicals such as phosphate, solvent, chlorine, or alcohol nor does it incorporate volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
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Even the most stubborn of grease, baked-on carbon and food deposits don’t stand a chance against our sustainable Pot & Pan Cleaner. The rapid-acting formula works swiftly to attack and break down any debris to leave your pots, pans, cooking utensils, dishes, and glassware with an enviable streak-free shine. Safe World Solutions Pot & Pan Cleaner is an eco-friendly cleaning concentrate packed with biodegradable ingredients and free from any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Also, you won’t find any alcohol, phosphate, solvent, or chlorine in our products.
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Sanitizer Plus is safe and reliable, making an excellent cost-effective disinfectant solution for hospitals, homes, medical and dental offices, restaurants, and playgrounds. It’s been carefully formulated to efficiently sanitize and disinfect from viruses, bacteria, and fungi, leaving a crisp, clean scent. Great for use on food processing equipment, utensils and other food contact articles.
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