All Clear Heavy Duty Stripper

All Clear is a heavy-duty floor stripper designed to quickly remove tough floor finishes and stubborn residues. This fast-acting formula is perfect for use in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities, and can effectively strip multiple coats of wax and other finishes from a variety of flooring surfaces, including concrete, vinyl, and terrazzo. Its powerful formula is easy to use, and leaves floors ready for re-coating in no time. Whether you're preparing for a new floor finish or simply need to remove old layers, All Clear is the solution for you.
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Directions for Use

1. Mix a 1:10 dilution using cool water for normal stripping or mix a 1:4 dilution using cool water for extremely difficult removal or edge build ups.

2. Apply liberal amounts of stripper solution uniformly on the floor with a clean mop.

3. Let stripper solution soak in for appximatley 5 minutes. Keep areas to be stripped wet.

4. Follow normal stripping procedures. Machine scrub thoroughly using a stripper pad or brush to break up coating. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if not sufficiently stripped of uniform appearance.

5. Pick up all of the stripper solution with a clean mop. wet vac or automatic scrubber.

6. Thoroughly rinse the floor with clean water.

7. Let floor dry completley before applying a floor finish.

Perfect For Laminate, tile, VCT and ceramic floors.
Ecologo No
Green Seal No
EPA Safer Choice No
USDA Biobased No